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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gimme Shelter Movie reviewed on Breitbart

'Gimme Shelter' Better Than Overtly Pro-Life Movies
by Lisa De Pasquale

I'm sorry to say I missed the movie and now it's gone from theaters in my state. I'd planned to see it this past Wednesday, when we got hit with another 10-12 inches of snow. I will buy the DVD when it's available. I'd heard Jim Vicevitch say on his Sound Off radio program that it brought him to tears and he loved the movie and its message of hope. And of course the critics panned it: it's a true story that doesn't end in an abortion, in fact, the protagonist fights to avoid abortion against all the pressures of our society around her to have one. Of course the critics hated it, because it's a true story. Times a few hundred thousand women, maybe millions, who've been helped by places that help young girls and women "find your family." If you need such help check out the links at the top of our blog, and the right sidebar has 'em too (see "PREGNANT & need help?").

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