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Sunday, February 2, 2014

#Salute A Hero

This brought tears to my eyes. If it doesn't bring even one to yours, then you have to ask yourself one question: why the hell not? I don't care if it was initiated by a beer company for their SuperBowl ad (and I love beer). I no longer have a vet in my family, since my dad passed away, but every time I see someone in a uniform, usually desert-sand or green camo, I always, ALWAYS, go out of my way, if I have to, to say "Thanks for your service." And they always graciously say "Thank you" in return. Like one of the vets says, "America needs to understand what this [welcome home]'s for all of us..." God Bless ALL our vets, and especially the ones who never got this kind of appreciation or welcome home, like the Vietnam Vets. We love you too.

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