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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

83 posts away from 3,000 published posts. Egads.

Is that even a lot anymore? Facebook wasn't around when this blog started in 2003, or it was still only for college and highschoolers only, or something. I'm so ancient (or at least I feel that way sometimes)...and this blog will be 12 years old this coming February...

How many of our boyfriends threatened to leave if we didn't have our abortions? I'll never know if my old bf would have done that, I was too terrified he would, to wait to find out. I just almost didn't think twice and had the abortion. But I doubt he would've stayed if I'd said I wanted to keep the baby. I ended up later marrying him, having another baby, and he honestly couldn't be bothered even then with being much of a dad or a husband and I ended up getting divorced when our son was just 2. (sigh) But it all worked out for the best, two-decades-plus later. And I honestly wouldn't go back and change a thing now, because of the great son I have, now a grown man.

This gal's bf left her outright, but she had more sense and gumption than I certainly did.

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