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Thursday, September 11, 2014

What If You Found Out *You* Were Conceived in a Rape?

One was Susan Jaramillo, a native of Jefferson City, Mo., who lives in Georgia. She told of the three abortions she had before a dramatic change in her life in 2007 and finding out in 2010 that she had been conceived in rape, a secret her mother had kept from her.

Jaramillo was told during her abortions that "in a few days, you'll be fine, like nothing ever happened." Only later, she said, she began suffering from guilt and shame, with the decision to abort affecting every area of her life. Her decisions were selfish, she said, especially when compared to her mother's selfless decision to give birth to her.

Angie Grogg told of how her 14-year-old daughter became pregnant after a rape and the initial desire she had to proceed with an abortion for her daughter. With time, the assistance of Birthright and her daughter and husband's input they chose life, a decision she is glad they made. Grogg held her grandson, Noah, and announced his upcoming third birthday...

Ramona Trevino, former manager of a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Texas, told of the importance of a 72-hour waiting period's impact on an abortion operator's need to have more clients to boost their income. "Women deserve better than to be rushed into a decision ... leaving her with a lifetime of pain and regret," she said.

We don't go into the legal stuff on this blog (that's for our sister blog, AbortionPundit) but suffice to say that, in spite of their mean-spirited Governor, Missourians (as shown by their legislators) overwhelmingly support "sufficient time to reflect and consider alternatives to abortion", that will only serve to "protect women as they make a difficult, permanent and life-changing decison," as well as "a tax credit bill that benefits pregnancy help centers, maternity homes and food pantries."

Why wouldn't they, and especially on the latter decision? Helping pregnancy centers is just helping women. Isn't the progressive, pro-choice crowd always arguing about who's going to pay for all the children to be born?

Yet when something comes along to help women and their children, Democrat Governor Jay Nixon is against it?

Why doesn't he get his head handed to him as a "woman-hater," like anyone on the non-Democrat side would have had?

Planned Parenthood isn't the only one who should get taxpayer money, contrary to what you read on Mother Jones, CNN, TIME, The Daily Beast, HuffPo, etc.

Why shouldn't we want to help the women who'd like to maybe, um, avoid an abortion if they can? Why only help the ones who want one?

Talk about a war on women.

In fact, what Missouri's pregnancy centers probably will see as "credits" from this little bill are a sprinkle in the bucket compared to the Annual-Report-published fact that fully 45% of all Planned Parenthood's revenue, the single, largest single chunk of it all, 540.6 MILLION DOLLARS, is from "government grants and other reimbursements" (see pages 17-18).

Just imagine if the nation wanted to help us women who would like to avoid abortion and its troubling, negative effects on us personally, as much as they want to help those who want one? Imagine if $540.6 MILLION--a year--went to help women avoid abortion, and to help the children born to them?

Just imagine.

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