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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"I Have To Abort My Baby" Poems Google Search

Someone found our blog by typing that phrase into Google. This is more of what that person found. This really got me.
  1. "Poem From A Father Regretting Abortion, To My Little Baby My ex girlfriend decided to have an abortion, I did not want this to happen and so I wrote a poem to express my feelings, to say sorry and to tell my baby that I care.  
  2. Abortion Poems-“Mummy is Sorry” - The Siege of Jericho Can an angel enfold my child, in the love that I have...
  3. Poems about Abortion...Mothers who have chosen to abort often face feelings of sorrow, shame, and guilt. ... Many women feel anger for having aborted a child they were told did not yet exist as a .... This poem touches my heart for when I was younger I was forced to abort by ...
  4. My Unborn Love, Abortion Poem As I laid holding my belly, looking at the moon. I realized my baby, that I have fallen in love with you. My son, my daughter, my unborn love. You are a gift sent to ...
  5. Remorse Is Forever, Abortion Poem ‎ So I got the abortion, part of me wanted it, part of me didn't. I hate myself, I could have kept my baby. I was desperate and didn't think of anyone but myself.
  6. I Want My Baby Back... : I Had An Abortion Story and Experience  Friends and family who have revealed their experience with abortion to me made it .... I have an ultrasound picture of my baby and I miss her/he so much. ..... baby but also i found this poem which might help. even though your baby is not here...
I'm working with a new (actually very old, less bells and whistles but works) browser, and the new cut/paste doesn't do what my old browser used to do. So when I cut/paste this, it gave me user ratings and the number of votes for said ratings, like these:

Rating: 4.4 - 433 votes
Rating: 4.4 - 319 votes

That may not seem like a lot, but when these are poems scattered around the Internet, and over 300 or 400 people find them, all on their own from Google searches like these, not from Facebook or Twitter, and put in their two cents that the poems touched them that much, it is a lot.

If some of those poems in those links are too much for anyone right now, skip them.

Just know that there is so much help, unjudgmental, stay-anonymous help, if you're feeling this kind of regret and remorse.

So many hundreds of thousands of us who regret our abortions have sought and found that help. All the sources are linked to in our sidebar at right. Just pick up the phone to any of them toll-free, or find an email buddy or chat-online forum.

It'll all be there, still waiting for you tomorrow and the next day and the next day if you don't call or email any of them now, but you have to make that first contact.

After all, this blog's been around over a decade and we're not going anywhere either. We'll always be up, as a resource for anyone hurting from their abortion, and we don't pass judgment if you don't regret either.

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