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Monday, October 6, 2014

Some Post-Abortive Women Write Of Their Body-Images

Found this blog, The Shape Of A Mother, which at first made me wonder if it sent the wrong message. But the more I read, I thought its heart is in the right place, and the purpose is worthwhile, to help women avoid or overcome negative stereotypical body consciousness, and to help "the next generation grow up knowing how normal our bodies are." No Bratz dolls, no being down on ourselves, no being uber-focused on being "perfect" (whatever that really is). Some of the contributors seemed to be a little too worried about "losing" their "better" bodies, post-baby or even post-abortion, but overall there are some good reads.

Like "The Life of My Belly", and "How Do You Forgive Yourself?" and others in the Abortion/Life After Abortion category.

And please note: that blog is a tasteful site, run by an average, ordinary-looking mom of two. Please have the respect due her noble intention.

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