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Friday, October 3, 2014

Talk About A Kind Of Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

I've just discovered a website that at first looked like it would really help women who regret their abortions. Phrases like "abortion awareness campaign" (mimicking Silent No More Awareness Campaign's title), and verbiage about really listening to real-life abortion stories with respect, with compassion, about supporting everyone whose been affected by an abortion...

Then, in the very next paragraph, come accusations that the "pro-life side" is responsible for stigmatizing women and surrounding them with "shame" and "secrecy," forcing "pro-choice supporters" to defend abortion and fight off the "barrage" of "lies" about the negative effects we can experience after abortion.

Then you check out their "ABOUT US" page, and they're an abortion clinic.

I guess they're not really into "supporting everyone" affected by an abortion, after all. And no, we won't link to sites like this. We have long linked to a select few pro-choice post-abortion sites, in our sidebar below. Guess we'll just be a bit more vigilant in the future about who is profitting behind such sites.

Sometimes folks object to the post-abortion recovery details on crisis pregnancy centers' websites, but the comparison isn't really an honest one. Crisis pregnancy centers aren't for-profit businesses. Many if not most abortion clinics are, and those which are non-profit still need a person's money to perform an abortion for them. Crisis pregnancy centers, if you're really unable to pay the small amount to benefit from one of their abortion recovery/healing services, or if you're pregnant, to obtain an ultrasound, or pre-natal care, and post-natal care, a place to live, food, clothing for you and your newborn when s/he arrives, for example, there are donors already donating so you can get all that help, at no charge.

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