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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Women Do Die From Legal Abortions, Still

2014 Update on a woman who died in a 2011 botched abortion in Australia.

March 2014, a woman dies after her abortion in a Cleveland abortion clinic; is taken by ambulance out of the clinic, not breathing. Here's the story on who she was.

A N.Y. woman dies from her abortion in Carhart's Maryland abortion clinic in 2013. Here's who she was. (I know with this case, it was reported later that the coroner's report said she died of a "naturally-occurring" phenomenon that could have occurred during childbirth. I have never heard of that phenomenon happening in childbirth, though I suppose it's possible. Then again, famous Connecticut forensic coroner to the stars, Dr. Henry Lee, isn't a real MD-coroner-doctor, either. Most states require the M.D. degree. He's just a PhD in BioChem. JustSaying.) And it would give me small comfort if it were possible, were I her family member.

In 2012, this young woman also died of her abortion. This news article is written by a reporter named Mary Mitchell, who stated that "I still remember the pain of losing two friends during my teenage years. Both teens suffered complications after legal abortions."

It may not be one case a year nowadays, but even if it is, is that even close to acceptable?

For more such truthful if horrific news, click over to the long-running Cemetery of Choice, researched and posted by our longtime friend cdunigan on her Real Choice website, who has stated eloquently for even longer than this blog has been around:
"Each woman died at the hands of somebody who bought into the idea that women and their unborn children are mortal enemies, and that abortion is a solution to women's problems.
"Women deserve better."

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