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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Marching & The Face and Source of Mercy"

Friend Theresa Bonopartis at Lumina has the best post as the March For Life goes off tomorrow:
"There is an amazing thing about post abortive healing. You do not have to do anything to earn it. It comes freely, an aspect that is hard to believe for those of us who participated in the death of our children."
"The focus on abortion around the March for Life can be very difficult for those who have had one. It can feel as if a spotlight is shining on you. Let’s face it, the subject is everywhere. Whether it is sitting in their church pew feeling condemned in hearing about the evil of abortion while the forgiveness of God is not spoken of, or in the quest for acceptance, speaking out before they are ready, or perhaps caving in to unintentional pressure to participate in a clinic activity.
"Of course, speaking out about the evil of abortion, or praying in front of clinics are not bad things, but they should not be done to 'make up' for abortion. They are not prerequisites for forgiveness, for healing, or for acceptance."
Also, today's post has a great photo of a young teen at a recent MFL.
I'm not able to go to DC this year again, but will be praying. Godspeed and safe travels to all attending, or even just wishing to attend.

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