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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Press Never Questions Obama About Planned Parenthood Illegal Activities

The mainstream press studiously avoids asking Obama about the Planned Parenthood illegal organ-harvesting admission.

Quelle surprise.

Where's Eric Holder when you really need him? Gone? Gee, that's funny, the DOJ website still lists hims as the Attorney General 0: . How apropos.

So where's Loretta E. Lynch then? Nowhere to be found, in this illegal matter?

God, I hate politics.

But as Whittaker Chambers put it, "politics is the present tense of history," so I have to care about it.

More on how the news media covers, shape-shifts its coverage or doesn't cover at all.

David Crary is mentioned in that Federalist article. Oh, does that name ring bells. He and the entire AP have long been ridiculously biased in favor of supporting all things abortion. We at had several "run-in's" with him in 2005 and 2006, when we were in the process of giving evidence of the incorrectness of the urban legend that both columnist Ellen Goodman and Sen. Barbara Boxer insisted was true, which AP's Justin M. Norton had reported, that there had been 5,000-10,000 maternal deaths from pre-Roe abortions. We and our readers were successful in forcing a retraction column from Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman at the time as well. AP subsequently also wrote the article setting the record straight, and the Straight Dope even published our efforts and debunked the myth as well.

Don't take anything from the AP as true or unbiased, if it comes from Crary especially.

And on another note, another reason I hate politics. (this one's so good it's being added to my running "Hillary BackPedals" List (see the sidebar at our sister blog for that, under the BAN BOSSY cartoon).

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