an After abortion: TIME Magazine Thinks You're All Idiots...Again

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

TIME Magazine Thinks You're All Idiots...Again

"Flawed Study Claiming Women Don't Regret Abortions Doesn't Settle Debate". Many thanks to our friend Theresa Bonopartis at Reclaiming Our Children blog, or this would've gotten lost in the outrage of the last couple days.

Seriously, since "62.5 percent of eligible women refus[ed] to participate in the study" that TIME crowed about, and then "5 percent of those agreeing to be interviewed subsequently opted out of the baseline interview and another 31 percent opted out within the three year followup period," doesn't anyone with two brain cells to rub together realize this is an immediate red flag? It automatically means the chance of getting anything truly accurate are next to nil? Come on, TIME, we know you're a hackjob and a has-been, but seriously, this stoops to new lows.

Stick to photo essays, maybe. You can still say you're good at that.

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