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Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Tired of the Dance"

That could have been my child. I already know firsthand what happens in abortion. I know you can see their tiny feet and hands and other body parts. I saw my own boy. I still can remember that day over 40 years ago when I stared at my dead son in disbelief. Like millions of other women, I bought into the lie that he was nothing but a blob of tissue. Funny how body parts magically appear when it comes to profits. I could not believe at the time that something like this could possibly be legal in our country. I still cannot believe it, and hopefully now other people will feel the same.

Were my son’s organs harvested? Who knows? Torturing myself and all the thinking in the world won’t change what happened to him. I do know he was dumped in a jar, and that was bad enough.

from the article "The 'Privacy' Planned Parenthood Counts On For Protection"

On a recent MSNBC’s Now show, Dr. Anne Davis of the Physicians for Reproductive Health described the donation of aborted babies as a “compassionate gesture," “very generous and very altruistic.”
I am post-abortive myself, and have been working with women who have had abortion for over 20 years. It is no surprise that her words and the reality of what I know to be true just do not jibe, and frankly, many of us are really tired of the dance.

"Altruistic" is defined as showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish. Its synonyms—unselfish, selfless, compassionate, kind, public-spirited—somehow do not go with the deliberate termination of an unborn child.

Anyone who has had an abortion and is honest with themselves (and it takes a certain degree of healing for this) would admit that their abortion was anything but selfless. For most of us it was self-preserving. True, it may have been coerced, we may have been abandoned, we may have thought we were being selfless by not bringing an “unwanted” baby or one who had received an adverse diagnosis we thought would suffer into the world, but ultimately the decision was about us. Perhaps we had the abortion to save a relationship, we had been told it was not the “right time,” or because of a job, or school, or maybe financial concerns, but in the end, most times it is about serving and preserving “self.”

In no way do I mean to put all the blame on the women, or to blame anyone for that matter, but rather to understand the state of mind women are in in most cases, when they are going for an abortion.

Underneath it all, no matter what women say, they know what they are doing. They choose to believe the lies of the abortion industry because they feel they have to make this choice, which often is no choice at all. They choose to believe the lies of the abortion industry because it makes what they are about to do more tolerable and rationalizes and justifies it for them. They need this because the truth is too painful and most women who abort do not want to terminate their child.

So, here she goes, walking into the clinic: sad, conflicted, fearful, maybe angry, perhaps feeling abandoned, guilty, and filled with turmoil. She is about to participate in taking the life of her own child. Believe me, she is not skipping into Planned Parenthood, she is doing this for whatever reason she feels she has to do.

Now, Dr. Davis, of the Physicians for Reproductive Health, and many others, including Planned Parenthood itself, would like us to believe that in the midst of all this, these women, on their own accord, are thinking of how great it would be to donate her child’s body parts for research.

I think not! At least not without a lot of probing and encouragement from the clinic. I can just hear it now: here is a woman totally vulnerable, confused and no doubt in fear and pain. Do we really believe fetal donation is on her mind?
[Recent weeks have] been difficult for those who have experienced abortion, and with more videos on the way, the pain may continue for many. To those who have donated their aborted children, I would say, "As with abortion, recognize you are not totally culpable but have bought into the deception of those who make a profit from killing our children."

To those who have suffered from adverse diagnosis, it is so understandable that you would want your child’s life to benefit others in this most difficult and heartbreaking situation so they would not have to go through your pain. Understand your state of mind at the time. God does.

To those of you who did not sign a consent form but wonder if your child was used, and really for all of us, place your child into the arms of a God who understands what happened and loves us unconditionally in our human weaknesses. Your child is at peace in the Lord, and the desire of their heart is that you be too.

Yes, things just do not jibe, your feelings are normal, and you do not have to do the dance any longer.

~ from the article, "Have You Donated Your Baby to Science?"

Both by Theresa Bonopartis, on Theresa is a dear friend of us here at AfterAbortion blog, and the director of the post-abortion healing program Lumina and co-developer of the “Entering Canaan” post abortion ministry model.

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