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Friday, August 14, 2015

Why I Don't Think We'll Ever Do Twitter Here At AfterAbortion Blog

Yeah, this is exactly what I think of Twitter.

HT to Zac Alstin who has a very fine blog, who posts another chilling similar vid on that post. Do go watch, especially if you're starting a family or have just done so. The Twitter skewer song is also explained in detail for the overwhelmed, confused or defensive at Buzzfeed here.

I remember seeing Shaq O'Neal's twitter bombs all over my son's sophomore dorm hallways and thinking, "Really? Grown people have time for this inanity?" Has it become a "necessary evil"? And what if, inexplicably, Twitter disappeared tomorrow, say? Oh, boo hoo hoo. People wouldn't die. They wouldn't starve. They'd be depressed as all get out, for a long while perhaps, without their personal spotlight/instant gratification every-30-second fix, but they wouldn't die. Life would go on. Yawn and ho-hum. So what. Mind-numb some other way. They'd just binge-TV more, I guess. I haven't watched TV since it went digital in 2009 and the rabbit ears didn't work. Get my both-sides news online via sites like and its corollaries in every flavor of what's really important in life (RealClearPolicy, Markets, World, Defense, Science, Technology, Energy, History, Religion, Education, Sports and Books). Still can't afford cable, sat-dish or even Netflix. Got much better things to save my money for, and frankly I don't miss it or the Kardashians. Got much better things to save my mind for, also. Like, read. And, um, write. And exercise. Blow me up on Twitter all you want; I will never know (or care) about it! Puts a smile on my face just thinking about that.    8^)

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