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Thursday, January 21, 2016

I'd Give Hillary A Million Dollars, If I Could...

... to make her sit down, in a nice, private, secure setting, and watch this, without distraction, without interruption, without speaking, without looking away:

And if you (might) support Hillary, so should you, if you think you are mature enough to handle real truth.

Learn what these defenders of Americans tried to do and then did, against direct orders, to actually defend Americans:

Then, since this movie doesn't answer this question, but raises it: go DYOR as to why there wasn't even close to enough proper security for an American embassy compound in one of the two most dangerous places in the world at that time. I could provide you with links to the research and reporting on this, but then, you won't really learn anything from that. [Hint: don't rely on your usual sources as mentioned in the next paragraph]

I guarantee you didn't see or hear any of this truth on the major news shows, papers, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, HuffPo, Politico, Mother Jones, Slate, etc., in 2012, or since.

Yet it took a Boston University journalism professor to work with these men, to produce the book account of their actual experience, and now Michael Bay, to produce the movie from that book.

Learn some truth. How Obama-and-Hillary-led America did nothing, essentially, for 13 entire hours, in the dark of night, while Americans were attacked and killed, and six-count-em-six former special-ops soldiers fended off wave after wave of attacks, to protect the lives of some twenty other Americans.

Don't like your Hollywood bang-bang-shoot-em-up action films to be so real that they're actually, well, real? Prefer your war movies to be zombies or make-believe war like Warcraft: elaborate, exciting and totally fake? Welcome to the the real world. Time to grow up and really grow a pair. Not since Blackhawk Down have you really had the slightest chance to actually be terrified, in a movie, for real human beings, because they were real.

Think you're mature? Think you're very good at facing truth? Think you've already got all the truth you need because you watch/read CNN and the above-mentioned news-genre so you're sure to be the best-informed?

Prove it, then. Go to the theatres, tonight, tomorrow, Saturday, whenever, and see the film, if you're so enlightened, so grown-up, so knowledgeable, so able to recognize and handle "truth" when you see it.

If you don't go see it, your head's in the sand. You just want the world to "feel your pain," but you won't give a rat's ass about the truth of real pain, real terror, real fear, real hopelessness, in others.

Why am I so angry? Have the cajunes to watch the damn film and you'll see why. You all should be as angry over it. You all should be shaking in your seats through the whole thing, and weeping at the end, as I did.

Because this current administration, Hillary included, for their lack of securing those Americans' lives, with all the pleas they received for increased security, for military protection for months beforehand, are to blame for what happened that day in Benghazi. Not George W. Bush, not Dick Cheney, not Karl Rove, and certainly not some damn unrelated video.

No one but Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for the terror those Americans were abandoned to that night, and for the deaths of those four Americans. And no one but you, all of us, are responsible for holding them responsible for it.

You'd be thinking quite differently than you do now, Hillary-supporters, if it was your American ass in that compound or annex that night.

Sleep tight, nighty-night, safe in your warm beds tonight, now, ya hear?

Other reviews of the film well-worth reading here, here and had it been written now, especially here.

And what does this have to do with abortion? Not a g-d thing. Except unnecessary death. So sue me if I speak out about it.

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