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Saturday, August 10, 2019

We're Still Here

Sorta. But yeah.

Been a topsy-turvy last several years, but this blog is still here, and I want to leave up a reference to the "Lumina - a ray of light in abortion's darkness" blog by Theresa Bonopartis. Just go there, to that link. Every day. God bless her, she's stayed strong and vividly helping women in the moment, day by day, all these most recent years when we at After Abortion blog just haven't been able to keep up the daily commitment (not even a monthly or annual one either).

There are other projects we have each felt a strong grace, a sometimes not-so-subtle push to take on. No idea in heaven how to really do these things, but if they're meant to happen, they will.

But as for the blogging, we'll get back to this, eventually, God willing. We will.

Prayers for all our readers, and then some.

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