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Saturday, February 22, 2003

I'll be blogging off and on this week about the Catholic/Christian therapy community. In terms of post-abortion recovery and healing, they are way behind the curve.

If asked individually, almost any therapist, secular or Christian, will tell you that they have clients who have issues around abortion. The state of practice in the secular therapy community is that if a client is experiencing emotional turmoil after abortion, you as a therapist should get them to see that it was a good choice and certainly the best choice available to them at the time. The hope is that the client's bad feelings will then disappear. I know one woman whose secular therapist told her that she was suffering from "delusional grief".

Individual Christian/Catholic therapists usually don't take THAT position.

But in the organizations and communities of professional Catholic and Christian therapists, there is a deafening silence about how to help men and women resolve emotional turmoil after abortion. They provide no training resources. They do not discuss it in their journals. They do not have speakers about it at their conferences.

It would be nice if under my "Resources for Healing" section, I could link to the American Assocation of Christian Counselors, the Catholic Institute for the Psychological Sciences or other such organizations. However, as you will see if you consult those websites, they have nothing whatever to say about post-abortion feelings.

The Catholic Institute for the Psychological Sciences has a link to the controversial National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, which promotes the idea that people who are attracted to members of their same sex can change this in therapy.

But it has no links to any training or healing resources for those who suffer after abortion. Not one. There is no mention of it anywhere on their extensive website, and no mention of the idea that having an abortion can result in emotional distress.


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