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Thursday, March 6, 2003

Pray for this family.

As the high school senior he had raped starting at age 13, and that boy's mom and dad, read their victim impact statements at his sentencing hearing, Catholic priest Michael Hands:

"...seemed stunned by the family's outrage and sat down for a moment after they finished...When it was his turn, Hands turned to the judge and ...said what he did 'was totally inappropriate and wrong, it was immoral and I broke the law.' He went on say, "I have wanted to tell him that he was not to blame for anything that happened between us. No matter how cooperative he was in everything that happened, I was the adult and I am the one responsible. I acknowledge this; I get it."

But he just coooooouuullldddn't resist slipping in that, "No matter how cooperative he was in everything that happened."

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