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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Empty Playgrounds, a poem by Norma McCorvey

EMPTY PLAYGROUNDS, by Norma Leah McCorvey, formerly "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade.

I sit across from a playground that I visited this eve with a small child.
I know of such places where children play.
I know that I am the cause of them not being here today.
These playgrounds for "innocent children" now dead because of sins I helped do.
I hope, Lord, that the wonderful playground is well guarded with angels.
Angels who will protect them keep them happy and safe.
Angels who will make them smile and laugh.
So that when that glorious day comes; the children will not hold "the sin" against me.
For every time I see a playground empty, I will know that yours will be full.
The sun is now setting, and my heart hurts, Lord.
For the numbers who from abortion have been torn apart.
I pray you can put them back together and make them whole.
If you like, Lord, use my body to make your precious children whole again.
I ask you to do this not only for them, Lord, but also for the love I have for each of them.
Lord, God, you gave your only Son, and He died and shed His blood for us.
All I did was give my baby away so that "women could tear theirs apart."
For this I will never be able to look in your face, out of shame.

The following explanation was on Norma's former website, and 'though I can't seem to find it online anymore, I'll quote it here:
The story of "Empty Playgrounds" started one day, some years ago, during the summer. I was driving back from lunch and passed an empty playground; the swings were empty, swaying back and forth. After passing this empty playground, I turned around and passed it again. An overwhelming feeling of guilt consumed me. I started looking for the children. The swings were made for children and there simply were none to enjoy them! I began to think to myself that because of abortion, many children had been killed and so were not able to fill the swings of this playground. I was stricken with the fact that no one seemed to notice these vacant playgrounds and didn't even seem to care. All I could do was sit in my truck and cry and cry; soon, there were no tears, there was only sadness.

-Norma McCorvey, Director, Roe No More Ministry

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