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Sunday, July 13, 2003

This article from At the Center is a good review of litigation that is emerging to protect women from unwanted abortions:

Here's an excerpt that shows why this litigation is important:

The National Foundation for Life and the Texas Justice Foundation are leading a women's national mobilization effort against the coercion of women through abortion. Countless women have been deceived into believing that abortion was their only solution.

But these same women are now coming forward to tell the courts of this nation the real truth regarding their personal experience with abortion. Abortion survivors are telling the courts how abortion has ravaged their lives. Each woman's personal experience details the devastating mental, physical, and spiritual impact that the abortion "right" continues to have. This article will tell you why you need to be involved.


Donna Santa Marie is the young woman whose case has started this extraordinary movement to end the exploitation of women and the worst human rights tragedy of today. She was sixteen years old when she was forced to abort her child.

Donna discovered she was pregnant a few weeks before her sixteenth birthday. She and her boyfriend, James, decided to marry. But Donna's mother dashed Donna's hopes and insisted that she submit to an abortion. For weeks, her parents and another family member tried to convince her that motherhood would ruin her life. Donna, however, was uncompromising in her refusal to take the life of her unborn child. In response to her unwillingness to undergo an abortion, her parents threatened to file criminal charges against James because he was several years older than Donna. Out of fear for James, Donna complied and accompanied her parents to the abortion facility.

At the abortion facility, Donna was asked to sign a consent form. One of the questions on the form asked: "What do you consider abortion to be?" Donna wrote: "Killing my baby." To a question regarding whether she was being forced by anyone to have the abortion, she replied: "Yes, my parents." The abortionist showed the form to Donna's parents and refused to perform the abortion. Donna's father was infuriated and, later, punched her in the stomach. Neither Donna nor the baby was seriously injured. When she was nine weeks pregnant, Donna's parents once again repeated their threats about James and took her to another abortion facility. Donna, expecting the same opportunity to explain her circumstances, was taken into the procedure room without ever filling out a form and placed into the position for an abortion. While paralyzed by fear and confusion, Donna had her baby taken from her. The abortionist terminated the life of her precious child. It is difficult to comprehend the trauma this sixteen-year-old girl endured. Although she received counseling, the emotional suffering continues.

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