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Thursday, October 23, 2003

William Saletan in Slate is in full metal fantasy-land.

He argues here that the reason so many people are opposed to partial-birth abortion is because they have the mistaken impression that PBAs are something that happens in the middle of an otherwise normal delivery. That is, Saletan urges us to believe that Joe Voter thinks that women choosing PBAs wait until they are delivering the child, and then have it killed when the head comes out.

I listened to a local secular talk show yesterday about PBA. The host was arguing that no one would have a PBA unless there were a compelling medical reason.

Since I was on the road, I couldn't call in to correct this mistake. From the women I know, the most common reason to have a second trimester abortion is that you're in high school and your parents don't find out you're pregnant until the middle of the second trimester, at which point they pressure you into an abortion.

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