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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Girl's mother wants boy's mother charged.


The Milwaukee mother whose teenage daughter went around her in getting consent for an abortion said Wednesday that criminal charges should be brought against the woman who has admitted to aiding in the deception.

"My daughter was 15 at the time. If the lady would have taken her to a tavern to have drinks, she would have gone to jail," the girl's mother, a licensed practical nurse, said in an interview. "She took her to have an abortion."

Prosecutors are mulling misdemeanor charges of what is called "false swearing" against the 34-year-old woman, also from Milwaukee and mother of the girl's boyfriend.

According to court records, she has admitted to posing as the girl's aunt in signing a consent form required in Wisconsin before a juvenile can get an abortion, and to paying the $450 for the procedure.

The girl's mother said her daughter used earnings from a summer job cleaning city buses and as a groundskeeper at Summerfest to pay back the money.

Michael Mahoney, the assistant district attorney handling the case, said Wednesday that no decision had been reached yet on whether to file charges, which legal scholars and officials from abortion-issue advocacy groups on all sides have said would be extremely rare.

The two mothers are not being named by the Journal Sentinel because it would identify the daughter and son, who are juveniles.

The girl's mother said she had long tried to discourage the relationship between her daughter and the boy, both 16 years old and students at Messmer High School, saying her daughter was not mature enough to be dating so seriously.

"She was sneaking around, like all teenagers do," said the 33-year-old single mother of three, who works third-shift at a Milwaukee nursing home. The teens are still a couple, she said.

The girl's mother said she went so far as to call the police about the boy's mother when she took the couple to a mall on a date.

According to court records, the girl had an abortion in February at a Milwaukee clinic.

But the girl's mother said she didn't find out about it until she read a letter she discovered last month while "snooping around" in her daughter's room.

The girl's mother said she had previous run-ins with the boyfriend's mother over contradicting her authority, so she took the matter directly to police.

"I told my daughter that she wouldn't be here if I had done what she did," said the woman, who was a teenage mother.

The boy's mother earlier told a reporter she wanted to give the couple "a chance to continue their lives as kids," because she knew the girl's mother would never approve an abortion.

Which the girl's mother readily acknowledges.

"I believe it's murder," she said.

According to a Planned Parenthood official, Wisconsin is one of 19 states that require parental consent for an abortion, with the additional option of acquiring consent from a judge; 14 others require parental notification; four states have parental consent requirements that have been enjoined; and six states have parental notification requirements that have been stopped by courts.

The girl's mother said she has reconciled with her daughter.

"She has told me she wouldn't have had this abortion," she said. "She told me (the boy's mother) really encouraged her to do it."


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