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Friday, December 12, 2003

I briefly mentioned this article, Abortion Distortion, a few days ago. It's written by a woman who recently had a late-term abortion as a reaction to the severe medical difficulties of her child.

The article has been lingering in the back of my mind and I wanted to return to it. Re-reading it, I noticed the juxtaposition of adjectives the author uses to describe her emotional state. She says on the one hand that she is cheerful but on the other, she describes sorrow and grief.

It seems evident from the article that the author and her husband are competent, resourceful and high-functioning individuals. Maybe the saddest thing about the article, and what drew me back to it, are the stark lines at the end:

"I was able to move forward only because I had the abortion. After all, what kind of life would my fetus, my husband or I have led if she were born?"

It's very sad that this woman lives in a world where her resources, her intelligence, her competent husband, her connections, her circle of friends--all of this would have been as nothing if this child had been born.

"I was able to move forward only because I had this abortion."

It sounds as if she feels that she would have been psychologically annihilated if her child had continued to live.

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