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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

An interview with Judy Brown at Catholic Exchange.

Judy Brown is the head of the American Life League. She speaks about the impact of post-abortion ministries:

"Thanks to the collaborative efforts of post-abortion outreach programs like American Life League’s “Rachel’s Vineyard,” The Eliott Institute, Silent No More and other organizations, the evidence of precisely how much suffering occurs when mothers and fathers abort their children is becoming impossible to ignore. When mothers who have aborted their children testify to their personal agony, it is difficult, even for pro-death people, to deny that the act of abortion is a scourge on the family."

At first blush, it seems unusual that this staunchly anti-abortion group would support the post-abortion ministry, Rachel's Vineyard.

Rachel's Vineyard itself is not at all political, and neither are any of the other post-abortion ministries I know of.

The thing about these ministries is that by and large, with some exceptions, they really are effective at helping women recover from the negative emotions and trauma of abortion. Lives are restored and renewed--those of us who work in post-abortion ministry see this all the time. Certainly I see it in my own life.

On one level, you'd think that the pro-life groups might have adopted the position, "Feel despair and regret after abortion? Too bad for you."

I'm glad they didn't adopt that position and that, instead, pro-life groups are the major supporters and funders of good post-abortion ministries.

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