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Saturday, December 6, 2003

Women's voices finally were heard.

"Only Brian Finkel knows just how long he’s been sexually abusing his patients.
Since he’s locked up in jail, facing up to 75 years in prison and as arrogant and remorseless as ever, the misogynistic doctor isn’t about to cop to anything.

But other people knew things. They knew because Finkel’s victims told them. They all told somebody, but no one would listen. Or if they did listen, they told the women there was no case to be made against the high-profile doctor. It was his word against theirs.

Even Finkel’s wife did nothing. Diane Finkel managed the office and by all accounts ignored nurses who told her that her husband was doing something very wrong with his patients.

So for nearly 20 years, according to the allegations, Finkel sexually abused and emotionally battered women who came to him for help. And many of these women, like Paradise Valley educator Janet Jorgensen, stuffed it for years and years and years.

'Get some counseling. Do what you need to do, but get on with your life,' Jorgensen said she and other women were told.

'You think that you’re the only one,' said Jorgensen, 46, who testified that Finkel assaulted her in 1989. 'You have no clue that he’s doing this to anyone else.'"

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