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Thursday, October 23, 2003

William Saletan in Slate is in full metal fantasy-land.

He argues here that the reason so many people are opposed to partial-birth abortion is because they have the mistaken impression that PBAs are something that happens in the middle of an otherwise normal delivery. That is, Saletan urges us to believe that Joe Voter thinks that women choosing PBAs wait until they are delivering the child, and then have it killed when the head comes out.

I listened to a local secular talk show yesterday about PBA. The host was arguing that no one would have a PBA unless there were a compelling medical reason.

Since I was on the road, I couldn't call in to correct this mistake. From the women I know, the most common reason to have a second trimester abortion is that you're in high school and your parents don't find out you're pregnant until the middle of the second trimester, at which point they pressure you into an abortion.

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Originally from the Chicago Trib, an interesting review article about the Terri Schiavo case.

The article quotes Todd Gitlin, a media professor, comparing the use of video that shows Terri smiling and responsive to videos about abortion such as "The Silent Scream".

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Abortion doctor caves in lawsuit.

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Right to Life forces celebrate victories.

Isn't it odd that when a barbaric practice opposed by a large majority of American citizens is finally banned, the Associated Press thinks that only the "Right to Life forces" are celebrating?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The Phoenix New Times runs a must-read article about Phoenix abortionist Finkel taking the stand.

Their verdict? Not a smart move.

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The Women's Injury Network announced today that they reached a successful settlement on the eve of trial in a case involving the abortion/breast cancer link.

The abortion provider agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to the plaintiff rather than face a jury trial.

The press release from the Women's Injury Network says:

"PHILADELPHIA - Represented by attorney Joseph P. Stanton, a Pennsylvania teenager who sued abortionist Charles Benjamin and the Cherry Hill Women's Center successfully settled her medical malpractice case on October 17, the eve of trial, in a Philadelphia County court. Her case is the first medical malpractice lawsuit in the United States to reap a settlement based on a claim for the failure of an abortionist and clinic to inform a woman of the increased risk of breast cancer due to abortion. The clinic required that the settlement amount be kept confidential.

When 'Sarah' (not her real name) was 17, her high school guidance counselor facilitated her second-trimester abortion in New Jersey without her parents' knowledge. Now 22, Sarah has suffered tremendously in the aftermath of her abortion. While Sarah is not currently diagnosed with breast cancer, it has been shown that an abortion increases the statistical odds of developing breast cancer in two ways: 1) it delays first term pregnancies; and 2) increases the number of cancer-vulnerable breast cells due to estrogen overexposure early in pregnancy. Estrogen is connected with the development of most breast cancers. It stimulates the increase of normal and cancer-vulnerable breast cells. An abortion causes a woman to lose the benefit of a third trimester protection process, which would have neutralized estrogen overexposure by maturing her breast cells into milk-producing, cancer-resistant tissue. Thus, abortion leaves her with more cancer vulnerable cells than what she had before her pregnancy began.

Sarah's claims for compensation were based, in part, on her current need, rather than at age 40, as normally recommended, for medical monitoring (mammograms, etc.) for early detection of breast cancer. Doctors estimated that cost to be $2,500 annually. Sarah was also diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome following the abortion. The settlement proceeds will help Sarah to obtain the early medical screening for breast cancer and the future psychological counseling that she needs.

Linda Rosenthal, an attorney with the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy (CRLP) in New York, petitioned this Philadelphia court to permit her to participate as a lawyer in the case on the side of the defendant doctor and clinic against this young woman plaintiff! The CRLP is a national public interest law firm devoted to protecting the 'constitutional rights' of women seeking abortions. Sarah was disappointed that this organization chose unfettered and unregulated access to abortion and the legal interests of those performing abortions over her legal and medical interests as a vulnerable teenage victim!

Sarah was financially supported by the Women's Injury Network, Inc. (WIN) in her case. WIN, a national charity founded by attorney Amy T. McInerny, helps abortion-injured women by providing case expenses in medical malpractice lawsuits. Susan Marie Gertz, attorney and Executive Director of WIN, commented, 'Abortion malpractice lawsuits help expose the deceptive practices of the abortion industry and hold doctors legally and financially accountable to the women they've harmed. Thanks to the generosity of WIN supporters, this young woman was able to fight back against the industry which deceived her. We are proud of this historic win for this teenage victim and for WIN.'"


This is great news!

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Abortion doctor takes stand, defends action.

"Abortion doctor Brian Finkel testified in meticulous detail Tuesday why squeezing women's nipples and manipulating their genitals during patient consultations is an act of medical professionalism, rather than criminal abuse.

The 53-year-old physician is charged with 67 felony counts based on claims from 35 patients who already have testified that he fondled and assaulted them during treatments at his clinic dating as far back as 1986. In his second day on the witness stand, Finkel seemed to relish an opportunity to give his side of the story after weeks of allegations made by prosecution witnesses."

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One of a thousand articles online about the Senate sending the Partial Birth Abortion ban to the White House.

I agree with those who say that this bill won't stop any particular abortion because of the availability of alternate procedures.

Still, the fact that our country is finally, finally willing to say, in effect, "Some abortions are a gruesome form of child murder, pure and simple, and must be outlawed," does send the right message.

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In Texas, controversy over whether the state should warn those seeking abortion about the psychological risks.

The Daily Texan on the same story.

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Abortion: Searching for God's Kind Face.

This is an excellent article about the emotional aftermath of abortion from the perspective of a pastor in Maine. It appears in today's edition of "American Daily".

"I doubt if anyone in ministry is ever fully equipped for human sufferings. Certainly walking through the dark halls of abortion's aftermath is one duty that goes beyond our resources. There have been other times when we have listened to these cries. The faces were different, but the cries strikingly similar. Each time, it gets harder. Instead of finding more precise tools for counseling, we confront our frailty as helpers with ever deeper ache. We try to be more refined and professional but when it comes to abortion--the killing of the innocent--we discover more inadequacies within our sincere attempts at healing."

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

The October issue of Vine and Branches from Rachel's Vineyard Ministries is up.

This always interesting newsletter seems even more interesting than usual. This month, they report that this essay, Meeting Jane Marie won a "Best Essay" award from the editorial board of "America" magazine.

They also report that the first Rachel's Vineyard retreat in Ireland is scheduled for the end of October, talk about the Dr. Phil abortion show that I blogged lots on, run a nice feature on the Rachel's Vineyard team near Steubenville, Ohio, and more.

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Events are happening very quickly with Terri Schiavo case. Drudge is reporting that Gov. Jeb Bush has signed the bill that was quickly passed today, ordering her feeding tube to be reinserted.

Your best best for up-to-the-minute coverage is Mark Shea, who keeps up with the links to the various others blogs intensively covering this.

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Quite a fascinating essay by Elaine Showalter taking a clear-eyed look at the problems with modern feminism. She doesn't give an inch on the standard feminist agenda, but she recognizes the limits of contemporary feminism.

Note the sentence that reads "postponed childbearing...has meant regret for many women." I suspect that she recognizes that abortion is part of that equation.

"Abortion legislation in the 1970s was a great victory for women, and did put us at more at ease with our bodies. So did access to contraception. New laws meant that we could plan our careers as well as limit our families. Job opportunities, and the prospect of medically extended fertility, and safer pregnancies and childbirths, encouraged many women to postpone childbearing just as men could. New technologies and advances seemed to promise better health along with better control of our lives.

But today medical findings are so contradictory that an effective movement around health and reproductive goals seems impossible. Postponed childbearing has meant infertility and regret for many women. Women's fertility declines much more precipitously with age than we had been led to believe. Delayed childbirth may cause breast cancer. Hormone replacements may increase the risk of heart attacks, breast cancer, blood clots and strokes. Should feminists abandon treatments and practices that seemed to have postponed ageing and added productive years to women's lives? And what positions should contemporary feminists take on issues of beauty, diet and cosmetic surgery? Are they vile vanity or women's rights?

In the area of personal relationships, the situation is also changed. In the past feminism has lobbied successfully for changes to the divorce laws, and brought women together to support reform of laws about rape and abuse. But how can we organise to solve loneliness, to find good partners for unhappy single women, or to prevent husbands from abandoning their ageing wives for younger mates? The problems that western women feel strongly about today cannot be cured through social action, and the terrible inequities faced by women elsewhere in the world - forced marriage, circumcision, honour killings - do not generate unity of action and clear solutions. More abstract and general goals, however idealistic - such as world justice, or the environment - do not form the basis of specifically feminist mass-movements. The historical and social circumstances that produce such movements cannot be whipped into existence by rhetoric alone."

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The American Medical Association newsletter of October 27 publishes this letter about whether doctors ought to refer their patients to abortion clinics.

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World Net Daily offers an audiotape of Abortion proponents enthusiastically clapping after they listen to a gruesome description of the partial-birth abortion procedure.

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