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Wednesday, January 7, 2004

This blogging is all new to me...hopefully I will get the hang of it...

As a means of introduction, my name is Theresa Bonopartis and I am the program coordinator for Lumina, a post-abortion referral service in the New York area. In addition to referrals, we do trainings for therapists, lay and clergy. We also do a lot of public speaking and education on post-abortion issues (which is why I probably will be scarce this month). It is very exciting to finally see the truth getting out about how abortion damages women and to be able to witness so many avenues of help open up to them across the country so that they do not have to suffer alone in shame and silence anymore!

I have been privileged to work in post-abortion ministry for about 12 years. In addition to Lumina, I work with The Sisters of Life in New York in a post-abortion ministry. We just began our eighth year. It is very exciting as our manual is currently in the process of being published! We do retreat days, groups and weekend retreats two times a year.

So how did I get so involved? You'll have to order the Friar's tape to find out. Only kidding, (but it would be great if you is a great means of evangelization).

Or you can read my story here.
I did NOT name it...pretty humbling)

I myself am was pre-Roe v Wade but legal in New York at the time. I suffered for years looking for help and for someone to legitimize my feelings only to be told (as so many still are) to get on with my life. I tried but was unsuccessful. Working as a drug and alcohol abuse counselor I dealt with many women who were suffering from abortion, but I did not know how to help them because I had not found help myself. I ended up burning out...although it seemed like the end, it was really the beginning of a new life for me.

Long story short, I found healing and became determined, by the grace of God, to bring the message to others so they would not have to live in that hell.

I also am involved in Silent No More (both of them). If any of you are in the area we will be doing one in Manhattan on January 16th at 12 pm on 6th Ave between 49th & 50th. This will be our second NYC gathering...what a witness in the middle of Manhattan during lunch hour!!!

Thanks Emily, for being faithful in spreading the news! Hopefully this will continue to grow....

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