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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I was wrong and I admit it, as I did to Kevin when we corresponded by email, RE: the most recent post here about the abortion thread on Calpundit's blog. I was mistaken and that same day, apologized to Kevin (the Calpundit). I'd emailed Kevin that day asking about the many missing comments; he was unaware that it had happened. He wrote me back this reply shortly thereafter: "Computer glitch. For some reason, one of edi's comments corrupted the database and cut off all the later comments. I deleted the bad comment and all the rest now appear again."

So while they were missing as reported, Kevin restored them within hours. (There has been quite an ongoing discussion there since then as well.)

I had immediately replied to Kevin, thanking him and apologizing, adding that I didn't know that such a glitch was possible and that if I ever run across such an instance in the future, I'll know not to assume what I did. New to blogs, but "mea culpa" anyway.

A commenter suggested it would be advisable to not just add this to the comments (which I did in both posts about Calpundit), but its own separate item, and I agreed it's a good idea.

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