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Monday, March 29, 2004

The Colorado branch of Rachel's Vineyard is sponsoring a "Living Forgiven" weekend retreat this August for former Rachel's Vineyard participants from anywhere in the country.

The information sheet about this says:

"On an 80-acre retreat facility, located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of
Colorado, the Colorado Rachel's Vineyard team is providing a celebratory weekend retreat for past retreatants alone or with their spouse. The entire facility will be for our exclusive use. There is a baseball field called "The Field of
Dreams", a basketball court, a volleyball court, a "singing" meadow and
plenty of space to hike, walk, or just loll around the well-groomed grounds.
The large covered patio, with comfy sofas, overlooks two ponds, one for
boating, one for fishing (no license needed), and provides an incredible
view of the Rocky Mountains. This will be a weekend, not for mourning and
grieving, but for celebrating our God's forgiveness and love and for living
in the joy of the Lord.

Kevin and Theresa Burke will be presenters during the weekend providing us
with new Living Scriptures and great ideas for spiritual growth and
journaling. There will be a time for praying, singing and chatting. We also
have Rachel's Vineyard clergy who will be there the whole weekend.

The fee is $150 per person which includes meals and lodging and retreat
materials. The retreat date is: Friday-Sunday, August 20-22, 2004, arrival
any time after lunch. The location is Trinity Mountain Ranch outside of
Blackhawk which is about 1 ½ hours west of Denver. One caveat: the sleeping
arrangements are not the best. There are 6 cabins with 3 bunk beds in each
of them and the inside rooms have 3 bunk beds in each room also. (Men's bunk
rooms and women's bunk rooms). One cabin has 7 bunk beds for those who might be coming as a large group. There are plenty of bathrooms and showers. We need to bring our own sheets and linens. The facility will sleep more than
60 people, but we are limiting the number of retreatants so that people
don't have to fill up the rooms and feel really crowded. One thing to keep
in mind is that it is in August so most to the time will be spent outside."

The person to contact for additional information is Edith Gutierrez.

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