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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Earl from Times Against Humanity sent me this article about fetal picture boutiques springing up across this great land of ours.

This is slightly off the subject: When those of us who have had abortions speak of "healing", those of us who have not had abortions possibly picture a scenario where the mercy of God becomes truly evident, perhaps in our hearts and not just our heads.

Meanwhile, those of us who have had abortions recognize that when we say "healing", we mean something much vaster.

For me at least, it includes being able to look at sonograms of in utero babies and have my first reaction be, "Oh, that is so adorable!" versus in the old days, when I would see a sonogram and my immediate, unstoppable reaction would be to see the child being vivisected. Then I would see my hand pushing money over the counter at the abortion clinic.

My imagination would do this on its own. After that I would consciously reflect on my murderous nature and contemplate the advisability of killing myself.

The fact that I can now look at sonograms and be happy for the baby and the parents, multiplied by the thousands of other women who have experienced a similar miraculous change, is why post-abortion programs are thriving even though they all basically survive on a shoestring and are completely marginalized by the mental health profession.

Thank God for everyone who has ever donated a dime, a prayer, or their gifts and effort to help make post-abortion ministry available to more people.

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