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Monday, March 29, 2004

Please do not forget that today is the day that three courts will be hearing lawsuits filed by Planned Parenthood against the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

Even though this procedure is never used to protect the life of the mother, Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and others involved in the suits (which were filed before the law even passed) are concerned that this will begin to erode support for abortion.

Good Counsel, of which Lumina is a part, is filing a friend of the court brief in support of the government. As you all know, Planned Parenthood is claiming that it is an invasion of privacy to turn over the records of those who have had this procedure.

Here in New York, Hillary Clinton and Jerome Nadler have introduced legislation that would bar investigators from reviewing the medical records of partial birth abortions. Though they claim it is because of privacy, the woman's name would be removed before the records were ever given to the investigators. It would be nice to think that Nadler and Clinton were concerned about the privacy of those who have experienced this procedure and that they were truly concerned about women’s health, however, a look at their voting records in relation to abortion would tell us otherwise.

No, this move coincides with the voting records of both of these candidates and their support of the extreme pro-abortion stance of keeping abortion legal at all times, in all instances, no matter what.

We are told constantly by pro-abortion extremists like Clinton and Nadler that women can make their own choices when it comes to abortion, yet Hillary voted against the Informed Choice Act.

We are told they care about the health of the woman, but Hillary voted against RU-486 Suspension even though multiple deaths have been reported as a result of its use.

We are told every child should be a wanted child, yet both voted against the Unborn Victims of Violence legislation.

They both voted against The Partial Birth Abortion Ban and now would like us to believe that they object to releasing medical records because of privacy issues even though the names of the patients would be removed before the records are released.

There are countless women and men who have now come forward having been devastated by abortion and the harm it has done to them. These women and men are angry because they were not given the whole truth and they feel deceived and exploited. What legislation have either of these politicians introduced for them? None.

Let's be honest here. Clinton and Nadler are extreme pro abortion politicians who don’t want the records released for fear of exposing the truth.

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