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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

When Choice Becomes Tyranny by Jonathan Turley at LA TIMES: "For my part as a pro-choice law professor, the only thing more shocking than the alleged indifference shown to these babies is the equal indifference shown by pro-choice groups in blindly embracing this cause."...

..."The willingness of pro-choice groups to embrace Rowland reflects their extreme view of abortion as an absolute right in our constitutional system. But in our system, there are no absolute rights; our constitution is based on a balancing of interests. Even the oldest and most fundamental rights like free speech or religion must yield in some cases to compelling state interests. Yet, when it comes to reproductive rights, NOW and other groups reject even the most basic limitations — leaving reproductive rights so sacrosanct that even the most depraved acts by a mother cannot limit her 'right to choose.'"

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