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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Woman Tells John Kerry She Regrets Her Abortion, Staffer Destroys Her Sign

"Then it happened,"[Rebecca] Porter explains. "He reached up to shake a hand in the back and his eyes went up to my sign [which read "My Abortion Hurt Me."]. He read it and then he looked into the crowd to see who was holding it -- and he looked me directly in the eyes."

"I hope he saw my pain. I was not angry, just pleading with him to understand. You could see the shock and surprise on his face," Porter said.

But within seconds, a Kerry campaign staff member approached Porter and grabbed her sign. "You can't have that sign here," the Kerry staffer said. The sign tore and Porter let go. After he had possession of it, the Kerry staffer "tore it to pieces" and walked away. "He wouldn't even let me have the pieces," Porter said.

The reaction, and even comments, of all the onlookers tells it ALL.

I've just written Kerry an email to express my dismay, and to tell him that if he ever makes a campaign stop in Connecticut, he and his staffers will see that sign again, in my hands, on publicly accessible property. I've written my e-letter's subscribers and Kerry might very well get about 5,000 emails on this from them and their own personal networks. You can write Kerry here or go to the webform page.

I won't be looking for a confrontation if Kerry ever comes to the state, but all I can say is, I do hope their staffers don't try to take my sign out of MY hands.

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