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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Women regret their abortions, use pain to help others.

"My baby was not some undefined blob of tissue. If only I had seen a picture of fetal development, I would never have chosen abortion. I felt lied to and deceived," Karen said.

Karen is now the Pennsylvania state leader for Operation Outcry: Silent No More, a national movement of women who have been hurt by abortion and who want to see an overturn of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion.

"I want America to know that abortion hurts women. Women are created to love and nurture their children, not have them ripped from their wombs and thrown away," Karen said.

"There is a disconnect in every woman's heart and mind when she consents to abortion. Although she tries to forget the abortion and suppress the memories, eventually she will face the reality that her own child was mutilated by abortion. My denial lasted 21 years. I wept uncontrollably from the depths of my soul for three days when I finally faced the truth," Karen added.

"The weeping released the hidden pain and began a journey of healing that led me to forgiveness. I remember crying out: Where are the women? Where are the women that are willing to speak about the tragedy of abortion?

"I did not want more women to go through the intense pain and suffering that I had experienced. I knew that I would have to speak and that my story would encourage other women suffering in silence to come forward and seek emotional healing and forgiveness," Karen said.

I'll never know but I suspect that I would have chosen abortion even if I had known more about fetal development. Many women who are given the facts about fetal development or look at sonograms still choose abortion.

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