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Friday, May 28, 2004

Fantasia Barrino!!
I am so thrilled that this endearing young woman won the "American Idol" decision. She truly is the most talented of any of them on any of the three seasons (even Simon Cowell said so!), and it was an incredible joy for this music-lover to see and listen to her take on music the likes of which only Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston or Celine Dion could do justice, and make it her own.

You GO, girl!

Honest, genuine, humble, grateful, unaffected, nice, funny, self-effacing (remember the "big lips" joke she made?) and for those of you who are avid tuners-in, you’ll recall that at least once recently after finishing another stunning rendition of a song, she looked up to the ceiling, pointed and silently said, “Thank you!”

And I don’t believe she was talking to the guys in the lighting rigging.

Did anyone else pick up on this? She’s “a 19 year-old single mother,” AP said. I believe her baby is about 2 years old, from the looks of her. So when American Idol was in its first season, Fantasia Barrino was making a huge decision of her own—not to abort her baby.

Think of it. She easily could have said, "I can't have this baby and audition for season #1 or even #2. I don't have to let a baby ruin MY life that way!"

Someone challenged me once on comments at this blog that there’s precious little evidence of “abundant blessings” for choosing life instead of abortion. I’ve seen it in small, medium and, now, BIG-HUGE-AWESOME ways. Sure, God doesn’t have an American Idol record contract for every woman choosing not to abort her baby, but God sure is blessing this single mother, and further, she herself knows it and thanks Him for it. She even says so on the link at Fox: when asked, "Do you have any formal singing training?" she answers, "No. It all came from the man, God."

And then when asked, "What has been your proudest moment in life so far?" she says, "Having my child."

No one can tell me this woman isn't being blessed abundantly (first her talent being developed and now this) after choosing life and the harder road it took her down.

God bless you, Fantasia, and good luck in the cut-throat world of pop music. Stay just as you are.

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