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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Remember our heroine Rebecca Porter, the lady whose "I Regret My Abortion" sign was ripped up by the Kerry staffer in full view of hundreds of people at a rally a few months ago? She's let us know of a special memorial to be set up in D.C. in coordination with the National Right To Life convention in that area next week.

It's being set up by a 23-year-old woman named Krissi. If anyone would like to support this memorial or have a baby's name included, they need to have all emails BY THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 25, so email me your request and I'll forward it.

"Pray for Krissi as she prepares a display of 3,500 baby shoes - a symbol of the number of babies aborted in a single day. Her project is called 'A CRY WITHOUT A VOICE' and will be displayed on the mall in Washington, DC, June 29. Krissi is a 23 year old college student at Southeastern college. God gave her the inspiration for this project to show the secret war that has been raging in our land that is wiping out her generation.

"Pray for wisdom in preparing the brochure for 'A CRY WITHOUT A VOICE.' Pray for media coverage and God to draw many to see this display. Pray for provision and protection.

"Pray for an outpouring of new/gently used baby shoes in infant or toddler sizes. If you would like to be involved and/or get your church involved...",
email me--Annie--and I'll get you in touch.

"I am collecting names of aborted children for each pair of baby shoes and will be preparing memorial tags, such as: In loving memory of Lauren Elizabeth, aborted November 1975, Chester, Pennsylvania. If you know of anyone that would like their aborted child remembered in this way..."
please email me and I'll forward it to Rebecca.
"I have collected 125 pairs of shoes and 100 pairs of cute baby socks that we stuffed with tissue paper. I am making name tags also...... Would you like your baby's name included? Or any of your other lady or gentlemen friends?

"God Bless,
Rebecca Porter, OOSNM Florida State Leader"

Let's also hope and pray that no hostile, over-the-top person(s) decide(s) to trash and destroy this the way that some have done to the "white-crosses" memorials elsewhere in this nation. Especially when this memorial has a duly authorized permit, meaning permission and protection from the Capitol Police. Not to mention our Lord.

My son has a sweatshirt that reads, "I Survived." On the back it says, "One-third of our generation has been wiped out--pray to end abortion." When he wore it on ProLife T-shirt day, classmates questioned him and made fun, until he smiled, saying, "YOU survived too," and then turned around to let them read the back.

News media never told them THAT fact...

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