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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

This is a different kind of post from normal. I am asking for prayer.

A few years ago a woman came to our ministry here in NY for healing. Her name is Laurie. She had been suffering with breast cancer. She was terrified to come, as is often the case, but desperate for healing from the pain of her abortion. By days end she was so grateful she had taken the risk to begin her healing journey.

Laurie continued to be involved in the ministry on and off over the next couple of years. She was a wonderful young women, gentle, kind and loving. Someone who touched my heart deeply in her suffering and her joy.

A few months ago it was found the cancer was now in her brain.
I went to the hospital today to visit Laurie only to find she had passed away at 12:05am.

Please keep Laurie and her husband in your prayers...I am sure
she is face to face with mercy HImself and embracing her unborn child..

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