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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Australian women should avoid documentary footage of an abortion.

Women who have had an abortion should consider avoiding a controversial documentary on termination, a leading pro-choice group has warned.

With the ABC planning to screen My Foetus, a British documentary that shows an abortion procedure, lobby group Children by Choice said the footage could upset the estimated one in four women who have had an abortion.

"Women who are concerned about revisiting the experience of abortion should think very carefully about watching, and I probably would not recommend it," co-ordinator Cait Calcutt said.

In connection with this documentary--which shows a very early-term abortion and a later-term abortion--
Feminists call for abortion debate
, sqying that what we now know about fetal life at 20 weeks may mean that abortions at this point are wrong. The feminists saying this are long-time reproductive rights activists.

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