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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Courtney Love said to have some kind of gynecological problem that she characterized as an abortion to friends.

What a convoluted sentence! As best as one can tell from reading earlier accounts (see our posts from yesterday), Courtney Love had an abortion and she is distressed. Courtney Love is often distressed, so one doesn't know how much of her current distress is because of this abortion.

This isn't Love's first abortion. People who evaluate the risk factors for experiencing a negative emotional aftermath from abortion say that the odds of feeling significant distress increases with multiple abortions.

Regardless, it is clear from news accounts that Courtney Love is not calling her friends and telling them that what she is experiencing relative to the abortion is relief.

Returning to the original sentence, "some kind of gynecological problem that she characterized as an abortion". An abortion is not a gynecological problem. It is a gynecological procedure. Courtney has a problem with respect to the abortion, but nothing in the news accounts suggests that it is a physical or medical issue.

If there is a problem about this abortion, the problem appears to be that Love's emotions around it are painful. It's amazing how hard the reporter worked to avoid saying that.

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