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Friday, July 30, 2004

Democrats Tried to Play Politics With Reagan Stem Cell Research Speech

You won't find this in Associated Press or anywhere else, probably.

"In an interview with MSNBC in the days leading up to his speech on embryonic stem cell research at the Democratic convention, Ron Reagan admitted that he thought the Democratic Party was using him to attack President Bush.

"Now, the son of President Ronald Reagan admits [to the Congressional Quarterly, no less] that party officials tried to change his speech to get him to endorse John Kerry. 'Whatever else you do come November 2, I urge you, please, cast a vote for embryonic stem cell research,' Reagan said concluding his five-minute convention address. Though the final line seemingly endorsed Kerry, Reagan says that Democratic Party officials wanted him to 'broaden' the phrase to actually call for a vote in favor of the expected Democratic presidential nominee."
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The Dems also wanted him to stop talking about "too much science." "Reagan told CQ he was able to get the party to back off by pointing out that he had spent time with a Harvard professor, Dr. Leonard Zon, and didn't want to change the content."

Notice how the major media conveniently "forgets" that Ronald Reagan had another son? They don't want you to know that that other son, Michael, is a board member of the John Douglas French Alzheimer’s Foundation, or that Michael agrees with his father, that ESCR is a) morally wrong and b) scientifically useless.

Yes, that's what I said. Useless.

Harvard researcher Dr. Douglas Melton killed 344 embryonic human beings to create 17 ESC lines this year, issuing a scientific paper along with his announcment in March. LifeNews summarized that report, saying that he and his team "admit[ted] that the cell lines accumulate chromosomal abnormalities in culture, and that the abnormal cells grow much faster than the normal ones -- the implication being that these new cell lines may soon be completely taken over by abnormal, potentially cancerous cells."

These new cell lines end up destroying themselves just like the old ESC lines have done and apparently, will always do.

Interestingly, it was the same Dr. Leonard Zon who "hailed the Harvard [new cell line] announcement" back in March.

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