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Monday, July 26, 2004


This is Theresa posting incognito as Annie because for some reason the blog is not allowing me post under my own name.

I know I have not posted much lately, but that is because I am so busy. A lot of wonderful things are happening in the post abortion arena here in NY.

The ministry I do with The Sisters of Life "Entering Canaan , a Sacramental Journey to an inheritance of Mercy" has finally been put into a manual after having just completed our eighth year. The Conference of Bishops is distributing it throughout the US. The ministry consists of one day retreats, ongoing groups and weekend retreats. We are also very excited to be introducing a new weekend retreat this coming year titled "Living a Life of Mercy". It will be specifically for those who have progressed in their healing journey. Many of the people who come to us have been on Rachels Vineyard retreats, and we encourage those who have attend sour program to attend RV retreats as well. Many times different things are helpful for different people or at different phases of the healing journey.In the end, it is all God's work not ours!

Lumina also keeps growing quickly. In addition to the referrals, we will also be going into high schools this fall to do trainings on post abortion for teachers and guidance counselors. Requests for speakers, by high schools, colleges and other groups continues to grow as well. It is so wonderful to see the recognition PAS is finally getting.

In fact, it is so unavoidable, that a new resource has come about. Emily actually mentioned it in one of her previous posts. It is called Epilogueand is based at NYU. Although they say they are neutral, I found their mission statement interesting. They blame the feelings women have on everything but the abortion experience. One of the women interned at NARAL, so, to think they would be objective as they say they are, is crazy.

Perhaps the part most disturbing to me is the statement by one of the founders "They made up a syndrome that they call "post-abortion syndrome" that makes women feel like they have this "syndrome", that they're now damaged goods."

Having been in this work for 12 years and having seen countless women get healing, I know there are some great post abortion resources out there, none of whom make the women feel like they are "damaged goods". Too bad Epilogue seems so worried about the legality of abortion that they do not feel they can legitimize the very real pain of those who are suffering. Instead of helping, by denying the experiences of those who reach out they will be the ones contributing to making women feel like "damaged goods".

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