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Thursday, July 8, 2004

I'm delighted to see that Amy Sobie's article about telling children about one's abortion experience has been posted at the Silent No More Awareness website.

I subscribe to The Elliot Institute's Post-Abortion Review, where Amy's article appeared earlier this year. Articles from the always excellent Post-Abortion Review are generally only available on paper until about four years after their publication date.

Amy's article on telling children is the best one I've read on this subject. It's very compassionate and insightful. At the end of Amy's article, there are links to two additional articles on telling children. We had previously linked to Georgette Forney's compilation of advice. The Linda Cochrane article is newly posted online. Not sure yet how I feel about it, except that I don't feel very enthusiastic.

This blog has several readers who are siblings of aborted children. I especially hope that they will read these articles and let us know more in the comments section about their experiences and thoughts on this subject.

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