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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Leslie Graves, former editor of Vines and Branches newsletter and a leader of Rachel's Vineyard Retreats in Madison, WI, is revisiting a book-in-process about women who had coerced abortions. She received eight testimonies in the first 24 hours after the call went out.

Stories contributed can be anonymous. You can write to Leslie at:
Leslie Graves, P.O. Box 279, Spring Green, WI 53588. You can e-mail her at .

In Leslie's own words:

"I am writing about abortions that occurred partly or mostly because someone in the pregnant woman's life exerted pressure or manipulated her to have an abortion.

"When most people think about a woman undergoing an abortion, they imagine that this is a choice she has made on her own. Since she is the person who will have to live with that decision for the rest of her life, the idea that others might manipulate her doesn't occur to most of us.

"By sharing your story, you will help raise awareness about a significant social problem that has received virtually no attention.

"By sharing your story, you can open hearts and change minds.

"Your contribution can be made anonymously or not. However, I will need to have your name and contact information, including your ground or snail mail address.

"I will protect your confidentiality and privacy.

"The best way for me to interview you is in writing. There will sometimes be delays between when you give me information and I respond.

"There is a series of questions that help women tell their stories. Answering these questions may bring up many raw emotions for you. I recommend that you answer only one or two questions a day. Take all the time you need and put the questions away for a week or so if you are feeling overwhelmed. Reach out for support during this time if you need it. You are welcome to handwrite or type your answers on separate pieces of paper. Please include as much detail as possible. Long answers are welcomed and encouraged. Feel free to include information about any other aspects of the abortion.

"You may have had more than one abortion. If so, and if more than one abortion was pressured, you can write a separate set of answers for that pressured abortion, if you wish.

"It is best for me if you send your answers to me via regular ground mail rather than via email.

"God bless and keep you, Leslie"

I have the series of questions; if anyone wishes to e-mail me, I'll be glad to pass them on, but please know that Leslie is a woman of her word and of great compassion and will be glad to answer any questions you have about this.

Update: Theresa Burke, founder of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries and co-author with Dr. David Reardon, of the book, Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion, just emailed me that there are about 350 Rachel's Vineyard retreats worldwide this year alone.

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