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Saturday, July 10, 2004

Sometimes people ask if alcohol and drugs abuse are a result of abortion or if abortion is a result of alcohol and drug abuse and the promiscuity that often comes with it. In the end, both need to be treated or the destruction caused by either one of them will not stop.

Courtney Love is someone who seems caught up in a life of tragedy. She was in the news today because she was reported to have been throwing bottles out of her loft window in NY. When police arrived she told them she had had an abortion.
Along with her substance abuse issues and the emotional fall-out from the suicide of her husband, this abortion appears to be a source of emotional chaos for Courtney. Although I do not know for sure, I would guess this is probably not her first abortion experience. The press covers her partly because she is so outrageous. Not too different from other post-abortive women I have seen in treatment who also have chemical dependency problems, only she is in the spotlight. Poor Courtney...I pray she gets the help she needs and being in New York may even try to track her down...

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