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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Theresa here...still no solution to the blog problem.

The "Voices of Abortion" radio show, went very well yesterday.I thank Joyce and all the wonderful people at OOSNM for all of their hard work and dedication!It is great to have a venue to share with one another and hopefully touch those out there still suffering alone.

One of aspects the program focused on were abortion connectors. I remember when I first sought help after my abortion no one had any idea about abortion connectors. The only place that seemed to address them for years was Nola Jones "Victims of Choice" manual, still one of my favorites and now directed by Elizabeth Verchio. For me knowledge of connectors was a major break through. Finally,things began to make sense. I was not crazy. The reason for my high anxiety when I saw Dannie Kay on TV was that he looked just like the abortionist- an definite connector. Now I also knew why I freaked whenever I walked into the walkin at my waitress job when I was working my way through was those large mayo jars, similar to the jar they dumped my aborted son into after my abortion.

It is critical to identify personal abortion connectors. Reactions in the present to things of the past brought on by association to the trauma. Could be smells, clothes, people, places, events...a whole host of things and different for everyone. Once identitfied it kind of takes the power away from the present moment when we realize we are reacting to the past.

How about you guys? Know your connectors?

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