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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Abortion Businesses Endanger Women with Bogus Malpractice Insurance.

A long, detailed article about a matter of grave concern.

Fargo, ND ( -- An investigation into a bogus insurance company has found that abortion facilities across the country apparently have purchased medical malpractice insurance from it. As a result, thousands of women who have abortions at the facilities may be unable to receive compensation if they suffer from a botched abortion.

During an investigation into a malpractice insurance company that has been deemed a scam by insurance commissioners in several states, the president of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers admitted that her own North Dakota business uses the insurer, and that the company's malpractice insurance is widely used by abortion clinics nationwide.

Following the lead of several other states, Jim Poolman, North Dakota's Insurance Commissioner, issued a cease and desist order to prevent Professional Liability Insurance Company, Ltd. (PLIC) of Bermuda from transacting business in his state

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