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Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Buddha's Way and Abortion: Loss, Grief and Resolution.

This fascinating article is by Yvonne Rand, a Zen Buddhist priest and meditation teacher from the San Francisco Bay area.

Yvonne was already a practicing Buddhist when she had an abortion. Her struggles, suffering and reflection after that eventually led her to an anti-abortion position. She also leads Buddhist ceremonies to help men and women start to come to terms with their abortions or other reproductive losses.

Attitudes about abortion have given birth to heartbreaking
polarization and violence. The need for a safe and respectful meeting
ground for everyone concerned now overrides the issues themselves. My
own view on the issues may appear inconsistent on the surface, for I
am anti-abortion and pro-choice, but what concerns me these days is
the intolerance and intemperance which prevent any harmony between the
contending camps. I see remarkable grief in people as an aftermath to
abortions and miscarriages and no container in which to heal that

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