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Sunday, August 8, 2004

Comments On Why We List Some Pro-Choice Blogs In Our Sidebar

(reposted from old Haloscan comments no longer online)

I've been to I'm Not Sorry, and they don't talk about negative emotions after an abortion. They're a pro-choice activism site, where women celebrate having the "choice" to abort. They say clearly in numerous places on the website, "I'm not sorry for my abortion". I'd strongly encourage you to re-consider listing that site. Rachael S. | Homepage | 08.14.04 - 3:23 pm | #

I still say it's good to have "the other side" listed here. Understanding their side is what is going to help prevent others from having an abortion in the future.
Julie Anne Fidler | Homepage | 08.14.04 - 9:01 pm | #

Well although I'd personally never list a pro-choice site on my own website, this is Emily's site.. and she's entitled to list whomever she chooses, even if they disagree with her morally, etc.
Stacy Massey | Homepage | 08.14.04 - 10:22 pm | #

Julie, Good point. I understand where you're coming from.
Stacy, Please don't get defensive. I wasn't trying to tell Emily what to do. I was just stating an opinion. I realize some of the materials at that website may be offensive to post-abortive women.
Rachael S. | Homepage | 08.15.04 - 12:50 am | #

Stacy, Or at least if it came off as that way, I'm sorry. Like I said, I was just being aware that some of the materials at that site may be offensive to women with PASS. Emily, I ment no offense and it is your decision.
Rachael S. | Homepage | 08.15.04 - 12:53 am | #

The concern about how a woman suffering anguish after abortion will react to those websites is well-taken.

Probably about half of our readers come here through Google searches after entering search phrases that indicate that they are looking for resources to help understand what they are feeling.

Although part of what this blog does is help direct people to resources, another goal is to provide news and commentary about the growing post-abortion recovery field and to provide news about how that movement is perceived elsewhere.

The pro-choice blogs and websites I linked to are part of that news.

They all vehemently object, and often in harsh terms, to the idea that abortions are emotionally unhealthy.

The I'm Not Sorry website is a walking, talking advertisement for the claim that abortions lead to poor emotional outcomes. I know that's not how it is intended.

A woman who reads it who is struggling with her own difficult emotions will find a strange mix of tone there, with a veneer of bravado along with unresolved bitterness, anger, and even rage at times. I don't think most women who read it will say, "These women sound healthy and happy so I'll try to model my attitudes after theirs."
Emily | Homepage | 08.16.04 - 9:57 am | #

Emily, I truly believe that many women and men who support "I am not sorry" and goes there to tell their story will one day regret doing so.
I find it amazing a website that has gotten so MUCH free press via internet, newspapers, talk shows etc.. and has been up well over 18 months still has only about 250 stories of women and one man who feel no regret of their abortions. With so many of the millions of women/girls/men/boys whose lives have been affected by abortion all over the world and yet only 250 stories.
They have no real activity on their forums and their guest book is signed by many who have not had abortions.
I believe that anyone who is feeling pain and regret from their own abortion will look at that site and realize these women are in pain but hiding from it. I believe those suffering will find many other sites that support them in their feelings of regret and remorse.
Those who go there to be supported in their decision before an abortion takes place will afterwards either go back to support them right away or realized the support they had gotten did not work for them and now they too are living in their own personal hell. That's the sad truth.
Ann Marie Cosgrove | Homepage | 08.28.04 - 1:08 pm | #

SEPTEMBER 25, 2014 UPDATE: I'm Not Sorry blog has removed all its original blog posts, leaving one single, March 2011 post totally unrelated to its original purpose and changed its title from I'mNotSorry, to I'mNotSorry,Really:

"Life is a strange thing, filled with joyful and dreadful moments. This blog will be a showcase of things, which entertain me in life or make me feel sad."
Then there aren't any more posts at all.

I've replaced that link with the other ones from that creator, and its "other blog". must have gone belly-up, as someone else now has the URL and is hawking e-cigarettes. Others have taken their place, perhaps, but it's interesting to see these disappear.

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