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Monday, August 2, 2004

Funny. I didn't see this in my newspaper today...did you?

Kerry Gets No Post-Convention Bounce, Gallup/CNN Say
While they say it's all within the margin of error*, the poll says that "among likely voters, Kerry's support is actually two points lower than it was pre-convention, while Bush's support is three points higher."

* "For results based on the total sample of likely voters, one can say with 95% confidence that the margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points."

Also telling is this: "An analysis of convention bounces since 1950 shows that on average, among registered voters, the Democratic candidate received approximately a seven-point increase in support following the convention. The current poll shows only a one-point increase among registered voters. In addition, following previous Democratic conventions, the Republican candidate also lost an average of about five points, making the net effect essentially a 12-point swing in the lead. The current poll shows only a 1-point swing in the lead among registered voters, but for the Republican, not the Democrat."

So, for the time being, with some room for "error," Kerry seems to have reversed that "average trend" by achieving what, effectively a 13 point loss, at least from what was expected?

Some interesting analysis of this news' "coverage," Dem pundits' quotes and other points here with a pretty funny title and an even funnier last sentence.

And is it really true what the above columnist wrote? Anyone care to comment who was actually there, and/or following word-for-word what was said throughout last week? "Omitted from mention in the platform itself were Democratic staples such as partial-birth abortion..."

If Kerry is so gung-ho on PBA being--apologies to Martha--"a good thing," then why not mention it as one of his planks?

Maybe it doesn't play well on PrimeTime TeeVee.

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