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Monday, August 2, 2004

It saddens me greatly to report that the young girl who inadvertently contacted the Australian CPC for help in avoiding an abortion, in fact had one over the weekend. Even though she had said she "didn't believe in that sort of thing," she finally felt that she just couldn't manage having a baby. The Australian folks told me that she'd wanted, like a lot of women, to be able give the baby what she thought it deserved, but in the end couldn't see herself doing that. We've encouraged her to contact us again, but we can only pray for her now as they don't think she is doing too well about the decision.

If she only had known how many millions of couples are waiting to adopt and give such children what they deserve. Sadly, sometimes even when we hear this, even when we know there's help every step of the way, we are just too afraid. Afraid of society, afraid of our parents. The support of parents and society is so incredibly critical. I really think this is what our nation has come to: that women are too afraid to do what we know is right because of the P.C. pressure: "God forbid we do anything to 'shame the family' or to be 'against abortion' even for just ourselves."

How "free" does that really make us?

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