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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ministry News

I really missed this news when Synda Masse of the post-abortion ministry Ramah International published it in March. Sydna is collaborating on the development of a new resource for men after abortion called "David's Harp". She is working on a daily support program for women who are going through post-abortion recovery programs (of the weekly meeting variety). This will be a great addition to the resources out there.

Of most interest is the news that Sydna is starting this new resource for crisis pregnancy centers, and says that she will be focusing more of her own time on helping inspire and train directors of these centers. Although this could be seen as taking away some of her time from direct post-abortion work, it's also true that adding new or developing existing post-abortion resources is something that most CPCs have a heart for, but don't necessarily know how to do. So Sydna's project could be very helpful there.

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